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Semey State Medical University

Semey State Medical University was established as “Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute”. This medical university was established in 1952 via the order of USSR Board of ministers as well as with USSR Ministry of Health Services. In 1997 the Health Services Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan spread ordered for transforming it into “Semipalatinsk (Semey) Government (State) Medical University”.

Semey is a well-established city in East Kazakhstan on the bank of Irtysh River. Semey is considered as the traditional city of Kazakhstan. It is a place where an important railway junction meets and this adjoins Southern Kazakhstan and Russia. According to transportation point of view here, you will get airport as well as river port. It is a tourists’ attraction place where enormous people visit every year. Students will never get bored here as the refreshing environment of this city attracts numerous people. Along with studies students can also enjoy the natural views. So after a stressful life of studies students can easily roam here and there with friends. This is a secure and safe place where girls can hang out comfortably. Thus according to studies or tourism, Kazakhstan is a protected place. There are several architectural as well as historical monuments which increase the beauty of this place. And some statues or top personalities are also linked with this city.

From last 55 years, this medical University is attracting abundant of recognization. The remarkable job of this institute can be easily judged by its qualified students. Approximately forty thousand highly experienced doctors, as well as specialists, are qualified in these previous years. And they provide services not only in Kazakhstan but in CIS countries also. Some aspirants are working in foreign countries such as USA, Australia, Germany, India, Israel, Pakistan etc.

The pride moment for Semey State Medical University is when they introduce themselves as the graduates of this topmost MBBS medical university of Kazakhstan. In 1953 the first group of students was admitted as General Medicine Faculty members. And in 1963 pediatrics and stomatology faculty members are introduced. From 1991-2003 Medico-prophylactical, general medicine faculty and pharmaceutical faculty were opened. Therefore, after this Semey State Medical University was changed into a full Medical institution or is also known as a branch of the Medical University. The university is quite popular for innovative teaching methods. The main principles on which the education system of Semey State Medical University works are “Problem-based learning” as well as “Case-Based Learning” etc.

Average fees: 4K-5K USD (INR 260, 000-325,000)

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