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Kazakh Russian Medical University

This medical institute is located in the beautiful city Almaty. Talking about the area it is a large city having large population area. Kazakh-Russian Medical University is considered as the leading institute. The history of this university is quite different from others. The main pillars of this university are established by Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. The members of this Academy named as Dr. Mukhtar Aliyevich Aliyev is considered as the main founder of Kazakh-Russian Medical University.

The educational process of this university is well-organized. The management or staff members of the university are highly experienced and well-educated. The infrastructure, as well as education process, is entirely planned by the head of Departments. The Kazakh Russian Medical University infrastructure is designed in an appropriate manner. The candidates of this university are well-settled in their profession. So, this completely defines the education system of Kazakh Russian Medical University. Along with theoretical knowledge, the institution of higher education is extremely capable of providing facilities such as medical training at fully-equipped clinical laboratories. Therefore it is a place where students can find better exposure to enhance their knowledge.

In 1992 Kazakh Russian Medical College was established as an institution of higher education. The co-educational system completely defines the culture and lifestyle of Kazakhstan. The entrances of students are on the competitive basis. The aspirants can get admission without any foreign citizenship. The whole details are mentioned in agreement and all terms and conditions come under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To make the student more comfortable some clauses are also mentioned according to an international treaty which is validated by the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakh-Russian Medical University admission rules and regulation are also mentioned in the agreement. And as in Kazak western culture has expanded in everywhere and so as in case of education. Though for entrance Model Rules of Admission are validated. Therefore the process of an entrance is accepted by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The strategy of an education system is to provide the well-established environment. Along with infrastructure, some additional features such as laboratories and research center are designed with high-tech tools. Some modern techniques are emerging to attract the candidates. The main purpose of including such thing is to provide the best exposure. And through this, the students can grab more information in a simpler way.

Average fee: 5000-6000 USD (INR 3, 00,000-4, 00,000). For more information, students can search the official site.

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