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Astana Medical University Kazakhstan

This university is situated in a beautiful location named as Astana. This is a current capital of Kazakhstan. This place is also considered as the second largest city of Kazakhstan and establishment of AMU in this region makes it more beautiful. According to education scenario, Kazakhstan is a best suitable place according to temperature as well as transportation facilities. A long history of his university is categorized as further.

On October 26th, 1964 the Council of Ministers decide to open a Medical Institution in Tselinograd. And in the year 1997, this institute was reorganized in the form of Academy. Thus in January 2009 after a long interval of time AMU has gained the status of a university. This was a huge achievement which is quite beneficial for students. According to a resolution made by Government of the Republic, Astana Medical University of Kazakhstan is entered among the structure of National Medical Holding. And yes of course after this process the numbers of students as well as courses are also increased.

This is quite interesting fact which is helpful for students who are willing to get an education from AMU. The interested students can acquire the attain Bachelors, masters as well as Ph.D. degree. AMU is ranked as the biggest medical universities in Kazakhstan. The students can obtain knowledge in clinical activities and theory process. Thus with the leading reputation in medical education, this University is the first choice for students.

AMU involves several faculties such as

  • Dentistry
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Preventive Care
  • Postgraduate Education
  • Clinical activities
  • Additional Medical Education

Approximately 5185 students are currently getting an education in different streams. For every department, qualified teachers are appointed by the head of University. The main goal of this University is to provide outstanding knowledge. Thus experience staff is selected to serve students in an appropriate way. From a long-term perspective, it’s essential to choose a college which provides practical knowledge also. Hence AMU is a place where an individual can feel safe and comfortable. The success story of AMU is judged from their earlier graduates. The students are well-settled in their career which is quite beneficial for a futuristic approach. This confirms the quality of education offered by AMU. The education system of this University has set the new objectives in medical education as well as science.

Avaerage fees: 20K-25K USD (INR 15, 00,000-20, 00, 00) including hostel facilities and other charges.

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