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Why to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

In the recent time, Kazakhstan is emerging as a major player on the global stage. The 9th largest country in the world (Area wise), Kazakhstan has strengthened its economy on the back of its abundant valuable minerals and oil reserves.  These natural advantages have made the country shine in the entire Asian region and lead to better living standards,the finest accommodation, and efficient transportation system.

Education in Kazakhstan

With recent reforms in Kazakhstan education system, the country has seen an increase in the international students. The education policy of Kazakhstan encourages the students from different nations to come and study at the top institution of the region.

The main reason for such an open education policy is Kazakhstan’s struggling Higher education sector. With several international exchange programs offered by the Kazakhstani government is helping the country to gain popularity on a global level.

A study in 2013 showed that Kazakhstan’s major universities home more than fifty thousand students from nearly forty-three countries around the world.

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